Josh and I

puppy family love

I am a photographer and designer in Tampa, FL. I have a love for art, colors, and creativity. Photography has given me an outlet to express how I see things, how the world effects me and showing the beauty of people. I believe that photography is about telling peoples stories, with a unique artistic perspective, capturing the thoughts, memories, and passion of that person.

I quickly fell in love with design and am getting excited with every new idea I can express through a new way of art. I am constantly trying to push myself with what I can do and how I can express my passion.

Other tid bits about me, I love:
Being my quirky self, my dogs, a tall glass of red wine, cupcakes (gluten free that is!)
laughing with friends, scary movies, the sound of the ocean, clouds, listening to the rain, and dancing!


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  1. Nadine says:

    I was wondering if you could provide me with some information regarding pricing and packages. I noticed you’re based out of Florida and our wedding is on may 17, 2014 in new York. I was referred to you by Morgan Bayard. Your work is wonderful. Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks!


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