I haven’t posted my design work in a while. I have been so consumed with photo shoots, but I am having to get together all of my resent work for one of my last classes. Currently I am in a product and packaging class and I am loving it. It is so rewarding to see a sketch of a product become a 3-D object that you created. At the beginning of the class we had to choose from 3 different box prototypes and then choose an object to go inside the box. I choose The triangle box and this is what I came up with.

This next project I created was for one of my internships. They were an independent Organic coffee company and wanted a box to hold samples of 4 different kinds of coffee. This would be sold as a gift set for Christmas at Khol’s. The coffee is organic and from all around the world and I wanted the customer to feel like they had traveled to that country when they drank it.

The next design I created was for a children’s book. I made the entire cover out of paper, the entire project was hand made. As you know I have a small love for owls and was really excited to create this. It was also a challenge to not use the computer at all.

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